Standard Treatments

We provide essential assessment, evaluation, advice and foot care for a wide range of patients.

Routine foot care includes removal of callus, corns, and nail care, followed by emollient application and nail oil as required.  A routine appointment would last approximately 30 minutes, possibly 45 minutes on the first visit incorporating initial consultation, vascular, neurological and diabetic assessments as reqirwed

Ingrown toe nails are dealt with initially at a routine first appointment and the patient is treated where possible, or if not advice given concerning future nail (full or partial)removal under local anaesthetic

Symptoms caused by gait or sports injuries are usually addressed with a biomechanical assessment, and follow up advice, including orthoses where necessary – these appointments would need 45/60 minutes and may require treadmill analysis and a cast impression of the feet to produce bespoke orthoses

We treat verrucae, with cryotherapy, acid application, or needling and give advice/offer treatment for fungal infections, including nail reconstruction for fungal nails (Wilde Pedique)

Unexplained joint pains often respond to acupuncture which we offer in conjunction, as a holistic approach to treatment