We have produced prescriptions for a wide range of orthoses and insoles for over 10 years, and are proud to state that we have made a difference – you can read some of our testimonials to verify this

Casted or bespoke orthotics are the ‘king’ of orthotics they are made to a cast of the feet after we have taken an impression of each foot, – they are made to measure and sit for the foot very comfortably

They can made full, 3/4 or to the metatarsal heads depending on the symptoms of the patient, and can be tailored to specific requirements such as

1. comfort using high density EVA
2. enhanced duration using carbon
3. enhanced shock absorption using medium density EVA
4. Diabetes using polypropylene and high density heel post, micro fibre finish for reduced friction
5. Plantarfasciitis, with an oval cut through the shell under the site of pain filled with an extra layer of memory foam, relieving the most painful part of the heel
6. Slimthotics for a dress type shoe – low profile and reduced toe compression
7. high heels using a Cobra design leaving room for the toes and providing adequate support for the foot
8. Sports purposes used to decelerate the effects of gravity and ground reaction forces
9. Football – low profile non- aggressive devices leaving room at the heel
10. Cycling – engages torque applied during the cyling motion, increasing wattage on the downward stroke
The new cycle plate is an insole made for increased performance to align the rearfoot to forefoot axis in
the direction of supination, providing a thin carbon fibre platform
11. Sprinting – slip into spikes like slippers
12. Ski-ing – low heel cup and release ribbon for ease of removal providing stabilisation for the ski feet
13. Children – high heel cupped for the developing foot

We also recommend a range of ‘off the shelf’ orthotics that can be tweaked with a heel raise or higher medial angles as necessary