When I first visited Susan at Alpine Podiatry in Nov 2016 I was very sceptical and in a great deal of pain in my left foot. So much so, that I was nearly crying when I arrived. I also had problems with my toe joints. I’d started walking side to side because of the pain and it was now affecting my knees and hip joints. Susan advised me to do various exercises, provided me with inserts for my shoes and a riser for my right foot (my right leg is shorter than my left which was making me walk badly thereby making things worse).  I followed her advice, the riser in my right shoe having the immediate effect of making me walk better and therefore taking the pressure off other areas . She said give it time. After 4 months I felt so much better.

At Easter, 5 months after my first appointment I walked in walking boots,further than I had for a long time. I had no problems with my feet and my whole body was much more comfortable. I wouldn’t have thought this possible especially in such a short time.

I cannot thank Susan enough

– Kim