Clinical biomechanics is the science that looks for dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system (posture). By analysing the way we move and function during activity & sport, we are able to identify the abnormal motion patterns that have caused an injury. .

Areas of our clinical practice cover sports injuries and mechanically induced pain, such as heel pain, (eg plantarfasciitis), bunions, forefoot pain ( eg metatarsalgia/mortons neuroma), and tendonitis.

Many biomechanical problems are treated with orthotics (click on bespoke orthotics/standard insoles) Custom made insoles are individually casted for each patient and aim to improve function whilst reducing symptoms , and are often used for children’s feet & associated posture issues.

Symptoms can include any of the following:-
Chronic lower back pain
Knee pain
Foot pain
Hip pain
Muscle & joint pain

At Alpine Podiatry we perform a detailed clinical assessment of your posture, alignments, footwear, leg length, gait and muscle strength in order to decide on the best treatment option for relieving symptoms. Sometimes we use the treadmill and video analysis to assess the gait, and we usually ask that any patient having a biomechanical assessment brings along some shorts, however this is not compulsory – it just makes our job a bit clearer!

A clinical assessment of your posture, gait and footwear would take around 30-45 minutes and casted orthotics would be ready 2 to 3 weeks afterwards. We also provide a range of non-bespoke orthoses/insoles if the symptoms are not too severe or for growing feet

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