Bespoke Orthotics

Bespoke Orthotics can do many other things to help relieve pain, if the foot is not supported or a heel raise has not been used when needed, the effects will be limited.

Bespoke orthotics can last for up to 5 years and provide long-term relief for pain and discomfort by providing support in all the appropriate places for those with excessively pronated feet (Rolled in or collapsing) or raising one side of the pelvis to compensate where a leg length discrepancy between each leg exists.

To tailor-make bespoke orthotics, we take an impression of the foot using an impression box to ensure the orthotics are made specifically to meet each person’s individual needs.

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I struggled for years with foot pain that increased with each passing year. I tried everything, it mostly masked the problem rather than address it. Alpine podiatry changed that with a correct diagnosis of my problem and the fantastic shoe insert that changed everything. Easy to fit and quick to get used to. Real value for money in my opinion for pain-free movement.

- Paul Eaton